Configuration and Operation for unified business VoIP

Business VoIP services require significant configuration and management to be accepted by the end customer. Whether it is bringing a new site online with required connectivity, managing number ranges or configuring complex hunt groups 4-Config VoIP is the solution.

With our combination of full provisioning capability and Selfcare portal 4-Config VoIP has all the required functionality integrated across your operational landscape. 


„Zero Touch“  Service Configuration with the flexibility to support automated, manual and external processes.

Complete synchronized Inventory via interfaces into the BSS and direct network / Service platform feature uploads and service discovery.

Configuration of full Product, Service, Feature Catalogue via use of service profiles, Process Orchestration (BPM) and transactional deployment engine.

Built for quality, Built on industry standards and the 4-CONFIG OSS framework. All functional processes are built with security and auditability in mind.

Although shown here integrated into Selfcare the 4-Config VoIP provisioning solution can be deployed standalone.

Screen Shot of 4-CONFIG VoIP