Selfcare Portal for Service Providers

Streamline your processes and improve the customer experience with 4-CONFIG Selfcare.

Comprehensive business, service configuration  and administration functions are made available in a simplified web-enabled interface for use by partners, resellers and end customers. All 4-CONFIG functionality can be made available in a simplified interface in the Selfcare application.

Generic portal functions with out-of-the-box application functions e.g. for business VoIP and FTTH deployments.

Multitenancy ensuring functions available to Partners, resellers and direct use by end-users are restricted as required.

Seamless integration into your environment for security (SSO) and style (branding)

Security tested (to military standards) for complete confidence.     

A fully featured user interface that adheres to the latest web standards. Fully browser compatible interface for support from all major browsers and mobile interfaces.

Supporting both real-time and asynchronous (scheduled) configuration support.

Backed by 4-CONFIG discovery capability that ensures that the Selfcare user sees the very latest configuration, even when there are external processes that can update the service platform directly.
All Selfcare actions are fully audited and traceable.

Pre-integrated into 4-CONFIG application gateway that acts as an API to any 3rd party interface (including legacy interfaces).