4-CONFIG platform to build YOUR Solution

The 4-CONFIG platform is the basis of all of our individual solutions. 4-CONFIG solutions will fit perfectly into your environment, fully meet your requirements and will be easy to integrate into your system and process landscape.
4-CONFIG is designed to create solutions for service management and configuration of complex services. The prefabricated standard modules are based on best practices in service and resource management. With each deployment the solution is tailored to your specific requirements.

Specific modules are available to support:

Provisioning for business VoIP, VLAN, IPSec, Carrier Ethernet, IP VPN, IP and various other services,

Resource Management to manage all addressable and non-addressable resources: number ranges, IP addresses, VLAN, Presence.. 

Workforce Management to support field force, Engineering, External suppliers.

Deployment und Activation  supports real-time service activation of complex multivendor services. Includes core functionality such as transaction handling with rollback capability, extensive preconfigured interfaces, Complex error checking and diagnostics. 

Upload, Discovery, Reconciliation functions enable the service provider to maintain a synchronized view of their billed and deployed services.  The 4-Config model is kept in sync with all available datasources and using correlation algorithms discrepancies are identified and resolved using: Analytics, automated action and human driven tasks.


A collection of rich and simplified user interfaces  provides all required application views required for the Engineer, CSM, Partner end other users.

A flexible Object model that is optimized to support service, network and resources as well as embedded security with concepts such as multitenancy and object authorization.

A simplified integration into the native environment using our open API framework

An integrated Workflow Engine based on jBPM standard that supports rapid dfeployment to support the provider processes and also allows customization in-house for minor changes by experienced users.

Please also check our application specific implementations available from the left-hand menu.