FTTH Planning and Operations

Our FTTH solution enables public utilities, municipalities and private companies to have a single view of their processes to enable build out of fiber infrastructure and deployment of services.

4-CONFIG FTTH supports all phases of the FTTH life cycle including planning, construction, marketing and operation of infrastructure and the services.

Processes are coordinated end-to-end, even when parts of the process are handled in externally connected systems or through partners. Our integrated Workflow and Orchestration modules simplifies the process of defining and visualizing complex processes

4-CONFIG FTTH can be deployed alongside our 4-CONFIG data solution to manage switched Ethernet and IP services.

On-site access to the core processes is important. Users can gain access to Selfcare interface via mobile enabled devices (tablet, Smarthphone) where it is possible to create/edit project documentation and query Inventory 

GIS capabilities integrated into the physical model allows the user to receive a complete understanding of deployed inventory related to site location.  

As always 4-CONFIG FTTH is built using off-the-shelf modules of the 4-CONFIG platform allowing each application to be adapted to customer requirements.    


Power users of 4-CONFIG FTTH access a rich powerful interface (Power GUI). Typically used where a planner/engineer can plan activities, build inventory, initiate tasks/processes, create/acknowledge project documentation, activate and deploy services.

External partners and basic users can be given controlled secure access to data and processes via our Selfcare interface.