Data Services Provisioning and Management

Whether you are offering Metro Ethernet, MPLS VPN or other data services the fulfillment challenges are significant. Add to that the challenge of keeping all technical and commercial inventories synchronized to support streamlined operations the challenge is huge.

With its large number of standard modules 4-CONFIG provides complete support to control and operate your complex network services with a proven set of modules. 

  • Existing network interfaces for main equipment providers e.g. Cisco, Alcatel, Huawei, Juniper.
  • Comprehensive Product and Service catalogue with rapid configuration of new products and options trough an ingenious template concept.
  • Easily slot into existing architectures with seamless integration, built-in workflow and orchestration for full automation of standard processes and suport of complex special cases with supporting documentation.
  • Assured data consistency with the unique upload and discovery concept of synchronizing all data with your network as well as your peripheral systems.
  • Cloud hosting, 4-CONFIG Selfcare and Multi-tenancy to allow simple but controlled access for all customers, internal units and external  partners.

For our complex customers service network with the support many service offerings. The 4-CONFIG framework was able to support activation on all of the required devices due to the flexible service deploy architecture that allows new devices to be supported in very short period of time.

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